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Corporate Films

Charity Paper Banks - 'Supporting Local Needs'

Audio Factory was commissioned to oversee the full production of this corporate film for Perry’s Recycling, one of the leading recycling organisations in the South West. In the pre-production stage our team liaised with clients to determine the film’s message before writing the script. We also provided directors at Perry’s Recycling with filmmaker portfolios ahead of commissioning James Barber to direct.

Our team managed the production with Audio Factory’s Arran Dutton taking on the role of lead producer. We cast voice artist Louise Ennever and worked with her in our studio to record and edit a voiceover for the film. After James edited the film, Dave Perry led our technical team and carried out post-production sound engineering to ensure that the audio quality throughout was at a high standard.

Just Go For It

Audio Factory’s Arran Dutton collaborated with filmmaker James Barber to create a successful proposal in response to a commissioning brief from one of the South West’s largest and most forward thinking housing associations. The objective was to create an evocative film that would inform the organisation’s residents, clients and collaborators about the benefits of their resident involvement scheme.

In pre-production Arran wrote a structural script for this film, researched into the scheme, held meetings with potential interview subjects and scouted locations before taking on the role of lead producer and managing the production. Dave Perry led Audio Factory’s full production team joined James Barber on location to carry out sound recording services and later providing post-production sound engineering.

#sleepsafe: could you help a young person sleep safe?

Filmmaker James Barber was commissioned to make this film that provides a behind the scenes look at an event run by Knightstone Housing Association and Halo Media and commissioned Audio Factory’s Arran Dutton as the lead producer and our full team to provide sound recording services for the production. The event aimed to raise awareness of youth homelessness in South Somerset and promote Knightstone’s host family scheme.

Arran was also commissioned as a consultant for James when structuring the film in post-production with Audio Factory’s co-founder Dave Perry overseeing post-production sound engineering.


Social value at Knightstone Housing: a film of a film!

This was one of the more interesting projects we’ve worked on with Audio Factory as it combined our team teaching a course we created with filmmaker James Barber and actually making a film about it.

Any contractor commissioned by Knightstone Housing Association has to make a ‘social value offer’ in which they do something to give back to their residents and when we produced ‘Just Go For It’ on the organisation’s behalf we also had to come up with our own offer. Audio Factory’s Arran Dutton taught scriptwriting and producing and Dave Perry educated residents on recording sound for visual projects as part of our three day filmmaking course in which the participants would also make their own film.

The film shot by residents was included in our film about the project, which we made on the third day of the course as the residents edited the film alongside one of our colleagues. As with most of our film projects, Arran wrote a structural script and took on the role as lead producer to manage the production on behalf of James, whilst Dave Perry offered sound recording services and later post-production sound engineering.

Knightstone's doorstep standards

Audio Factory’s team regularly collaborates with filmmaker James Barber and for this project Arran Dutton provided the script and lead producer services to manage the production of this training video. Our team was on hand to provide sound recording for the entire film with Dave Perry then overseeing post-production sound engineering to assure the audio was at the highest quality possible.

Apprenticeships at City of Bristol College

Pencil Studio in Somerset commissioned Audio Factory for our voiceover production service for their promotional film for City Of Bristol College. Our team worked alongside their production team and pre-cast voice artist to record the script that guides the viewer through this animation.

Circles South West 2014

Audio Factory was commissioned to produce the male voice over for this video. Circles South West was established in 2010 after 2 successful pilot projects had been completed in the region. Its purpose is simple: no more victims, which is another way of saying: no further offending by the people who volunteer themselves as Core Members of a Circle.