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Our Latest Project - On Location (Some Of Us...)

Photo by Gareth Johns Written by Audio Factory co-founder Arran Dutton

Okay, okay, so it’s quite late in the month and surely there’s some kind of social rule on when you stop saying it, but it’s our site so we can do what we want. For anyone reading, whether it’s March, July or December – Happy New Year for 2015!

So, it’s busy…

In October my production company Audio Factory was commissioned to produce a children’s series for a national channel and after working hard in November and December to organise our recording dates, the team has set out to capture wonderful audio content to bring our secret project to life. So, I’m the series creator and lead producer on this series so after confirming the ten episodes, finding families to participate and casting our leading man, I don’t actually get to go and have fun! As you can see by the picture above, I am absent as my fellow co-founder Dave Perry (left) and Stu Packer (right) meet the wonderful families and record these fantastic adventures alongside them! They may all look rather serious above but in truth they had a riot on that recording over in Barry, South Wales, with a local Beavers and Scouts group. In the meantime, I’m here in Glastonbury sorting out other episodes where they can go and have some fun!

It’s very strange being a writer and producer and not going out on these productions that I’ve been planning but of course there’s a reason for it – we have deadlines and a small team so from a logistical point of view it makes sense for me to not go out, especially as they are an awesome team and three is a crowd after all. However, I do get to have some fun towards the end of the month when I go off on location for three of the ten episodes we’re making.

We're gonna be busy for the next few months, but check back here in March and we'll be able to tell you all about what we've been up to!

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