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Eddie's Back! Series Returns to CBeebies Radio!

Eddie Cooking
Eddie Cooking

Our Eddie Green and Friends series returned to BBC's CBeebies Radio today with the first of five new episodes. The series allows young listeners from across the UK to join Eddie in learning how to care for the environment with activities and adventures offering simple ‘green’ tips for everyday life.In the series, Eddie and friends learn to make sock puppets and jam jar greenhouses to open them up to the idea of re-using materials, visit Secret World Rescue Centre to learn about the importance of caring for wildlife and in other episodes they learn out about growing vegetables and planting flowers with the future in mind. We’ve also crammed in lots of information about recycling, using electricity and water efficiently and greener travel so hopefully young listeners will take some of that on board whilst having lots of fun.

In today's episode, Eddie visits his friends Magnus and Saara and they help their parents and grandmother to make a popular Estonian dish!

Eddie Green and Friends will feature on CBeebies Radio, a daily online audio service for the pre-school audience. Episodes are available to stream and can be downloaded for free for a limited time. CBeebies Radio can be found on the CBeebies website at