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Audio Factory Studio, nr Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

Orchard Studios Control Room

We record out of Orchard Studios, established in 2009, set in the picturesque Somerset countryside. That may be all you need to know, but, if like us you're a bit excited by the technical jargon then we present you this: 

At the heart of the studio there is a mixture of both analogue and digital technology. The main console is a 32 channel analogue Toft Audio desk, running either into Pro Tools, Logic Pro or a 16 track 1″ Otari MX-70 tape machine. Monitoring is provided by Adam AX8 near fields and the ubiquitous Yamaha NS-10s. Microphones range from the industry standard Neuman U87, AKG & Shure to the more obscure vintage makes of Harting and Reslosound, each with their own characteristics. A wide range of routing options are available to utilise the studio’s outboard and effects. 'In the box' we use the Focusrite RedNet 2: 16-channel A-D/D-A interface running into a Quad Core PowerMac running many plug-ins and software options. The studio also runs Source Connect Pro and is available for remote link ups. The flexibility of the control room set up and several contrasting acoustic spaces to choose from, makes the studio extremely versatile for recording Audio Factory's assorted projects. Whether you are an author or publisher looking to record an audio book or a production company wanting to record a 6 cast member radio drama, the dedication and expertise of the Audio Factory team will deliver your content at the highest standard.

The recording areas are comprised of three rooms with different acoustic properties: A medium sized main room suitable for 3 to 4 players, a second studio room lined with wood and glass to provide varying reflections, and a small dead vocal booth perfect for voiceover work. All rooms have line of sight for talent and engineers.

The studio also benefits from a large airy control room with space for artists to relax, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Orchard Studios Control Room


Toft ATB 32 Console – Set up for 24 Channel use, 8 channels are spare – Jim Williams modified master section


Apple Mac Pro, Quad Core, 16 GB RAM Pro Tools 10 & 11 Logic Pro 9 Source Connect Pro


Adam AX8 Active Monitors Yamaha NS10 – Quad 303 Amp Furman HDS 6 with 5 x HR6 Personal monitoring system Furman HA6 Headphone amp Beyerdynamic DT100s x 5


Focusrite Rednet 2 – 16 Channel AD DA Focusrite Dante PCIE card Otari MX70 – 1 inch Tape Machine configured for 8 Track & 16 Track recording


Avalon 737 SP Urei 1176 Blue Stripe (Hairball Audio) TL Audio C1 DBX 160 API Lunch box (8 slot) API 512c x 2 Neve 1073 LB Drawmer DS201 Yamaha SPX 90 Lexicon Alex Roland JV 30-30 Emagic Unitor UN8 MK2 REV2 HHB Burn It CD Writer Marantz CD Writer/Copier Tascam DAT player/recorder Denon Cassette Player SSL Duende Timeline Microlynx Synchroniser AKAI S3200 Sampler EMU 18 and 32 Bit Sampler



Neumann U87ai Neumann TLM 103 AKG C414 XLS/ST Matched Pair AKG C451 Matched Pair AKG C1000s AKG D12 VR Rode NT1 Rode NT5 Pair Audio Technica AT4040 Reslosound Ribbon Harting Ribbon Supalux Ribbon Shure SM58 x 5 Shure SM57 x 2 Shure Beta 58 x 3 Shure Beta 57 Shure Beta 52A Shure PG52 Yamaha NS10 Subkick Sennheiser e609 Sennheiser e904 x 3

Radial Pro DI x 2 BSS AR116 DI x 2 ASL DI MK2A DOD 275 Active DI

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter


Fender USA Stratocaster 60th Anniversary model Fender USA Telecaster American Special Gibson Les Paul Standard Jim Cairns Telecaster – Custom made Mahogany body. Jim Cairns Dual Cutaway – Custom made small body guitar with P90’s Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Ibanez Acoustic Guitar (Circa 1970’s, Guild Style) Classical guitar Peavey milestone bass Yamaha DJX 1 & 2 Casio weighted keyboard controller Yamaha E108 Acoustic Piano Tama Starclassic Drum Kit (Made in Japan) – 24″, 6″, 12″, 16″, 18 Mapex Venus Series Drum Kit Premier Olympic Series Drum Kit Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer 14″ Hammered Brass Snare Drum Meinl Custom Classics 14″ High Hats Marshall 6101 30th Anniversary Model 1 x 12 Combo Amp (1992) Marshall G100R Head Amp Laney VC30 1 x 12″ Combo Amp Fender 30 – 2 x 10″ Combo amp (1982) Hi Watt Hi Gain 50 – 2 x 10″ Combo Amp Peavey TNT130 1 x 15″ Combo Bass Amp Marshall 1960 4 x 12 Cab Marshall MG412A 4 x 12 Cab


Microphone Stands König & Meyer Switchcraft Bantam Patchbays Neutrik interconnects Van Damme cabling throughout