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Our series 'Poppy's Play Dates' first aired on CBeebies Radio in February 2014
Our series 'Poppy's Play Dates' first aired on CBeebies Radio in February 2014

Audio Factory was founded off the back of an independent radio play production, which was later released as a podcast. In the years that followed we have produced a number of full length radio plays, audio shorts, radio advertisements and various programming for community radio including a live music programmes and collections of comedy sketches. In 2014, everybody involved in our organisation was honoured to be commissioned for our first BBC production, Poppy's Play Dates, a ten episode series that was made available on CBeebies Radio in 2014 and this was followed by Eddie Green and his Friends, which will be released on the same station in 2015. 

We are always open to discuss working on projects for community and commercial radio or independent release as a podcast. Our team can either advise on programme formats and concepts or get our hands dirty by creating and/or producing exciting new material. All related enquires should be directed to

Audio Factory is registered as an independent supplier for BBC Radio. This allows our company to submit proposals when commissioning rounds are open for individual stations. If you would be interested in submitting a programme proposal to Audio Factory with a view to working with us on a submission to BBC commissioning editors then please firstly send an introductory email and your CV to Arran Dutton on

We also produce radio advertisements for community radio station Glastonbury FM and have production packages in place for other stations in this growing sector. For more information on radio advertisement production and sample reels please click here.