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There's nothing worse than having a spectacular video that has issues with sound. Generally speaking the quality of sound on visual projects in the professional world is quite high these days but sometimes you just can't foresee an annoying buzz, hiss or generator banging away in the background when you've shot an interview, done a bit to camera or recorded a voiceover on location. Of course, it is true that a microphone captures its surroundings, but with a host of professional audio wizardry tools there are magicians out there who can clean up that audio content that niggles at you when you're about to release your final cut of a film. Luckily, we have such a magician at Audio Factory in our co-founder Dave Perry, so why not drop him an email on and he'll take a look and tell you if he can apply his skills and make you feel that little bit better about your project.

Putting it simply - whatever sound, whatever medium - we've got it covered. Audio Factory take on a wide variety of commissions ranging from small editing and mixing projects to larger scale mixes for film.

Their attention to detail and technical and creative skill in all things audio is a wonder to behold.
— Kevin Redpath