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That Time We Taught...


Written by Audio Factory co-founder, Arran Dutton: When I work alongside Dave and our filmmaker friend James Barber to make corporate films we often find that it can be difficult to get people on camera because of this inner built fear we all have that tells us we'll look awful or embarrass ourselves. Nowadays the way that we share information and media means that a photo or a video could potentially be online forever and seen by more people than we'd hope - gone are the days where only a handful of people see it. I have that same fear (especially whilst I'm single) but I had to put my fear behind me and be a leading light as we produced this particular film for Knightstone Housing Association as James, Dave and I were teaching their residents about filmmaking so we were an integral part of it. Despite cringing at how I look in this film I'm actually very proud of the project on the whole. It was the first time I got to teach and it was such a thrill as the residents involved really enjoyed the experience and have progressed since.

We were teaching Knightstone residents as part of the housing association's social value offer scheme in their contractors have to give something back to the communities they serve. As we have been commissioned to make a number of films for Knightstone, we as a contractor had to come up with a social value offer too and ours was to teach the residents a course we devised that would give them an introduction to filmmaking. A call out was made and up stepped four residents who had aspirations to make films and on the first day I taught them about scripting and story structure before giving them an overview of the ins and outs of what I do as a producer. James then took over and taught them about directing and camerawork and by the end of the first day our students were coming up with their ideas for a film they'd shoot the following day. On the second day they shot their film with our help and my Audio Factory colleague Dave came in to teach them about recording sound too. On the third day we brought in Tim Knock, an editor who took them through the post production process and whilst he did that we also made our own film about the experience for Knightstone to use to give their other contractors an example of how we took to the scheme. At the end we challenged them to think about what they'd do for their social value offer.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post our film above because it's been on YouTube since December and as we have been busy with other projects I didn't get a chance to share it with you. Just don't tell anyone though, ssssshhhh! I'm kidding of course - I can stomach looking bad on camera if it inspires other companies to follow in Knightstone's footsteps by thinking about the communities they operate within and finding ways to support those in it.

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