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#Sleepsafe Campaign Film Released


sleepsafeWritten by Arran Dutton - 

In the summer Audio Factory team joined filmmaker James Barber to produce a film that followed an event set up by Knightstone Housing Association to tackle the problem of youth homelessness and promote a scheme where host families open up a spare room for a short period of time to help young people living on the streets. I am delighted to announce that this film has now been released and we're thrilled to have been involved. You can watch the film here.

I can honestly say that we were all taken aback and will never forget what can only be summarised as an eye opening experience as we interviewed youngsters that have lived on the streets and the families that have hosted them and made a difference - even if it was just for a few days, offering their home created a starting point for these people to turn their lives around. Some of these young people were awfully unlucky and didn't have the family support we may take for granted and thankfully some are now doing amazing things with their lives with the support of these host families and of course Knightstone, who are running this scheme in Somerset. The one story I still can't get my head around is a young boy who was homeless but completed his A Levels and went on to University. Truly inspiring.

We also interviewed members of the public to get their reaction to finding the pillows that were placed all around Yeovil and some of the views of those who refused to go on camera were jaw dropping, both positive and negative, and the insight we gained will always stay with us. I learned so much, put my own ethics and prejudices under the microscope and came out with even more respect for the organisation trying to make a difference. For me it is one of the most meaningful experiences I've had. On a creative level I have to applaud Bristol's Halo Media whose team developed the concept for this event.

Dave and I often work alongside James on a number of projects and we have been commissioned by Knightstone to produce a number of films, all of which can be viewed on my personal website by following this link. On behalf of Audio Factory, I can truly say that we have so much respect for the work that Knightstone and their staff do in the local community. Find out more about them and keep up with everything they're doing at