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Eddie Green on CBeebies Radio: An Insight

Eddie Green and Friends - Written and produced by Arran Dutton and Dave Perry - Audio Factory, 2015 

Eddie Green and Friends - Written and produced by Arran Dutton and Dave Perry - Audio Factory, 2015 

Written by Audio Factory co-founder and series creator, Arran Dutton

In February our Eddie Green and Friends series returned to BBC’s CBeebies Radio and as the new Caring For Animals episode is out today I thought I'd post to give you an insight into the series and the inspiration behind it.

If you're unaware of the series, each of the episodes see families joining Eddie on a different adventure with positive examples of eco friendly living being introduced throughout. I wanted to find a way to encourage children and their families to take up eco friendly activities and measures whilst having lots of fun. In episodes we’re making sock puppets and jam jar greenhouses to open children up to the idea of re-using materials, we have children visiting rock pools and wildlife centres to learn about different habitats and the importance of caring for animals and in others they find out about growing vegetables and planting flowers with the future in mind. There are many recurring themes linked to being green in everyday life too and young listeners will hear other children and their families using water and electricity efficiently, recycling materials, composting and making greener travel choices.

The team at Audio Factory hope that the CBeebies audience and other adults listening with children will be inspired to follow in Eddie and the participating families’ footsteps and take their own steps to being green. On a personal note, I'm very proud of this series, especially as it was prompted by an idea I had whilst studying back in 2007. I was in my final year of University when I came up with this concept for an assignment and I was inspired by my housemates who seemed to have absolutely no concept of green living. I’d constantly find lights and televisions being left on in rooms that weren’t being used, recyclable materials in the bin and water being wasted unnecessarily. For me it was simple – these basic practices are habitual so I aimed to create a concept that would entertain children whilst teaching them these good habits! Some of these housemates now have young families so I think of them listening with their children and learning a thing or two. Not everyone is as well versed with some of these simple measures as you’d think so hopefully there are other families out there who will benefit and learn how to adapt to a greener lifestyle, whilst I’m also hoping that children and adults alike will pick up new tips to integrate into their green routines and be inspired to try lots of the activities that are touched on in this series.

Eddie Green and His Friends features on CBeebies Radio, a daily online audio service for the pre-school audience with a new programme each day being available to stream or download for free. You can listen to the latest episode here.