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Musical Maddie Begins

Musical Maddie - Available now on BBC's CBeebies Radio Our new CBeebies Radio series has now launched! Created by Audio Factory co-founder Arran Dutton, Musical Maddie consists of ten episodes in which Maddie and friends study how different things move in the world around them and then recreate those movements with their bodies during simple dance routines. Our objective when making this programme was to encourage young listeners and their families to exercise through music and movement based activities, which are proven to aid development in the likes of speech, language, co-ordination and gross movement skills in young children. 

Having previously produced two series for BBC’s CBeebies Radio, Audio Factory has continued to involve the local community in  productions and many of the episodes featured families based in and around the Mendip region of Somerset, UK. Furthermore, the leading character of Maddie is also played by 10-year-old local schoolgirl Ruby, who does a wonderful job in leading the audience through her very own touring music and movement class, and features music and songs composed by Gary Smith, who many will know on the local music scene as Mr Keep Calm.

Everybody at Audio Factory is excited to introduce Musical Maddie to the world and we really hope you enjoy the series. Episodes can be found on BBC's CBeebies Radio, but each week we're uploading them to our Children's Radio page, which you can find here!