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Commissioned by NY Times Bestseller Mary Jo Putney!

Written by Arran Dutton - 

This week, Audio Factory began production on the first project since Poppy’s Play Dates for CBeebies Radio. Having worked on a project of that magnitude for so long it felt bizarre to be back in the studio working on an audio book, but when working with the talented Emma Newman, a fantastic voice artist and even better author, it’s easy to feel right at home and drop back into a steady rhythm. We’re a well-oiled machine having recorded three books and various shorter pieces together. Dave, Emma and I are very fortunate to have been commissioned to produce the audio book version of The Bargain for American author Mary Jo Putney, a giant in the world of romantic fiction and a New York Times Bestseller.

Mary Jo has been a pleasure to work with and there’s no ego attached despite her remarkable haul of achievements. It’s a personal comfort to know that someone who has achieved so much can be so humble, friendly, fair and encouraging. And as for the book itself, well, it’s certainly given me a new insight into the mind of a woman thanks to the enigmatic Jocelyn. She’s quite something.

An update on the release date for this production will be posted as soon as we get the nod! To find out more about our audio book production service click here.