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Musical Maddie – Encouraging CBeebies Radio listeners to exercise through music and movement based activities

Everybody at Audio Factory is proud to be working alongside BBC’s CBeebies Radio in producing engaging children’s radio content for its pre-school audience in the UK and beyond. Having received commissions for three separate series, we’ve been particularly delighted to work with families and organisations in our local area with many episodes being recorded in Somerset, whilst our leading characters have all been played by children in the region. Ruby (pictured) and Joseph were a pleasure to have recording the voices for Eddie, Poppy and Maddie at our home of Orchard Studios in Barton St David. Here’s some more information on each series…

Musical Maddie – Created by Arran Dutton. Produced by Arran Dutton and Dave Perry. 

On Monday 18th April our new series began on CBeebies Radio! We’re very excited about this programme, which was commissioned in response to a brief that outlined BBC’s objective to feature to a programme that encouraged young listeners and their families to take part in music and movement based activities. Maddie and friends explore the world around them and look out for things that move before thinking up routines that will allow them to make similar movements with their bodies to the sound of beautiful music!

Episodes: Maddie’s Music Class; The Finding Things GameThe Nature Reserve AdventureMoving Like ToysExploring The GardenThe Morning RoutineWeather and MoodHow We MoveMaddie’s Birthday PartyVisiting The Beach

Eddie - Sock PuppetsEddie Green and Friends – Created by Arran Dutton. Produced by Arran Dutton, Dave Perry and Stuart Packer.

Our objective was to introduce children to eco-friendly concepts by creating stories where Eddie and friends take part in fun activities and adventures with a green focus. In the series, Eddie and the young listeners learn to make sock puppets and jam jar greenhouses to open them up to the idea of re-using materials, visit Secret World Rescue Centre to learn about the importance of caring for wildlife and in other episodes they learn out about growing vegetables and planting flowers with the future in mind. We’ve included lots of information about recycling, using electricity and water efficiently and greener travel so hopefully young listeners will take some of that on board whilst having lots of fun.

Episode Links: Fun In The Garden; Visiting The Allotments; Making Sock Puppets; Caring For Animals; Urban Farm; Forest School; Shopping With Family; Rock Pooling; Cooking With Family, Willow Craft

Our series 'Poppy's Play Dates' first aired on CBeebies Radio in February 2014

Our series ‘Poppy’s Play Dates’ first aired on CBeebies Radio in February 2014 – here’s how it looks on the CBeebies website!

Poppy’s Play Dates – Created by Arran Dutton. Produced by Arran Dutton, Dave Perry and Stuart Packer.

In this series, 5-year-old Poppy visits a different group of her friends and their families each week for an exciting, fun-filled play date. Audio Factory won this commission in response to a brief from BBC that outlined their objective to make a series that allowed young listeners to eavesdrop on the family lives of other children that in turn could allow them to learn about different family dynamics, backgrounds and cultures. We built our series around the idea that the play date, spending time with other children, was a familiar way to open up their children to learning about how others live and the world around them.

Episode Links: Travelling Family; Football; Seaside; Music; Farm; Swimming; Salt Dough; Glastonbury Carnival; Going On Holiday; Birthday Party

For more information about our children’s productions please contact series creator Arran Dutton on arran@audiofactory.co.uk

We also thoroughly recommend visiting CBeebies Radio and exploring all of its wonderful content with a new show being uploaded every day! It can be found at: bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/radio